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Though Whistle r wa s a n inspiratio n t o Wilde , Theophil e Gautie r als o provided hi m wit h models : Wilde' s 'Symphon y i n Yellow ' owe s something t o Gautier' s 'Symphoni e e n Blan c Majeur' , whic h Wild e calle d 'that flawles s masterpiec e o f colou r an d music ' C W

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Th e ne w stin g i n th e tai l i s a sig n o f th e matur e Wilde who will use wit a s a mode o f fine discrimination , turning hi s readers into connoisseurs o f his contrariness.

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A world fro m whic h al l ignobl e care an d pett y thought s wer e banished , wit h al l th e commo n an d poo r elements of life

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In The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry London : Oxfor d Universit y Press, , Harold Bloo m contends that Wilde, 'who knew he had failed a s a poet because he lacked strength to overcome his anxiety of influence, knew also the darker truths concerning influence.

Description: He cultivates 'a new Hedonism' that, a la Pater, 'was never to accept any theory or system that involve d the sacrifice o f any mode of passionate experience' CW